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Recipe: Cincinnati Chili

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I know I’m getting acclimated to Salvadoran weather because I do things like put on sweatshirt as soon as the sun goes down and the temperature drops below 70 degrees. Last weekend I met some people to run at 5:30 a.m. The sun wasn’t up yet and it was maybe 65 degrees. I wrapped my arms around myself and said, “Brr — I’m cold!” To which one of my running companions replied, “It’s 60 degrees! It is not cold!”

And sure enough, once the sun peeked out over the horizon and we started climbing a mountain running up a large hill, I broke into a sweat and remembered that no, it is not cold in El Salvador — not even close. Continue reading

La Estación de Las Lluvias

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It’s la estación de las lluvias, or rainy season. For a couple hours a day — usually in the afternoon/evening but sometimes in the morning or late at night when we’re tucked snugly in our bed — the blue sky and sunshine suddenly disappear and ominous clouds roll in, resulting in torrential downpours, lightning and thunder. Continue reading